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The perfect solution for icon creation


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If you are searching for an application which lets you create and / or edit your own icons, IcoFX is the tool you need. IcoFX offers you a lot of good features which will make the icon creation task to be really easy and satisfactory.

Since the first time you run IcoFX you will realize that everything will be easy, thanks to an intuitive and eye-catching interface which leaves no doubt when creating and editing icons.

When you'll edit your icons you will be able to add more than 4o different effects, add transparency, custom your own filter, import and export icons, extract icons from dlls,...

Without any doubt, if you need to edit icons, IcoFX is the perfect solution, because, in addition, it's totally free.

In addition, thanks to this portable version you can run the program in any computer from a USB device without installing it.
By Álvaro Toledo
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